Buy Used IT Equipment - Manchester, NH

Providing high-quality new and used IT equipment in Manchester, NH, complete with warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

Technology and business changes fast, which means you need a trusted source for new and used IT assets to keep up with new technology and growth.

GreenTek Solutions can provide you with cost-effective, quality networking equipment and servers at competitive rates, plus computers, laptops, VOIP phones, SAN/NAS equipment, and more.

For companies in Manchester, NH, they get access to new and used IT assets from top brands like:

  • Cisco
  • Juniper
  • Brocade
  • HP
  • Dell
  • And many more!

GreenTek Solutions has exclusive partnerships with companies for new equipment and extensive sourcing abilities for used equipment within a nationwide network, making it possible for us to offer extensive selection and surprising pricing, even on short notice.

Why do businesses in Manchester buy new and used IT assets from GreenTek Solutions?

By standing behind what we sell, our clients know that they’re getting the best prices on the best equipment in Manchester, NH.

Unlike other new and used IT equipment vendors, our team provides other valuable services to companies, including removing and disposing of old equipment, data erasure and destruction, asset buybacks and more, making the entire buying process simpler and faster.

Visit our online store to shop for and buy new and used IT equipment or contact our team for customized pricing at 713-590-9720 or get in touch here.